Naukri Recruiter self help guide (FAQs)

What are the benefits of NaukriRecruiter? Is it paid ?

A recruiter profile will help in providing credibility to your job posting and emails sent by you to jobseekers by letting jobseekers know who they are interacting with for a particular job opening (By attaching your vCard to the job posting and emails to jobseekers). In addition jobseekers would be able to search and follow your recruiter profile. Jobseekers following your recruiter profile will get updates (on their Naukri jobseeker page) of any openings that you post using your profile.


It is a completely free service for HR professionals, Recruitment Consultants and Senior Managers who are involved in hiring candidates for their company, clients, or teams, respectively. It empowers them to make their search for talent more effective and personalized.

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