Naukri Recruiter self help guide (FAQs)

FAQ around Step Up initiative

1. What is Step Up (by initiative?

Step Up by Naukri is an initiative designed to support organizations which are recruiting people as a response to COVID-19 pandemic. It equips organizations from select industries with free solutions & personalized support to help them recruit faster.

2. Which industries are covered as part of Step Up initiative?

Organizations that operate in the following 5 industries – Medical/Healthcare/Hospitals, Medical Devices/Equipment, Pharma/Biotech/Clinical Research, Telecom/ISP , Internet/Ecommerce – are eligible to avail free products/services under Step Up.

3.What free services do recruiters get under Step Up initiative?

For organizations which are covered under Step Up initiative, Naukri provides the following support

  • Free job postings
  • Personalized Jobseeker Campaign – Naukri team will shortlist jobseekers and line up interviews for clients
  • Premium hiring support – Naukri team will shortlist jobseekers for premium roles and line up interviews for clients
  • Showcase to jobseekers – All jobs posted under this initiative will be aggregated and promoted to jobseekers through COVID-19 microsite for jobseekers

4. Is Step Up initiative only for existing clients of Naukri?

Step Up initiative is for both existing and new clients

5. How do I enroll my organization for Step Up initiative?

If you are an existing client of Naukri operating in the mentioned industries, please reach out to your sales SPOC for enrolling your organization under Step Up initiative.

If your organization is not a client of Naukri, please fill the lead generation form available on homepage. A Naukri team member will contact you for further details & verification.

Alternatively you can also reach out to us on –

Mail Id:

Phone number: 1800-102-5558

6. How long will the Step Up initiative be active for?

Step Up initiative will be active for a period of 3 months till July 31st. Organizations enrolled for this initiative can post their free jobs until the last date, which will be live on Naukri for 30 days from the day of posting.

7. Can free services be utilized after the initiative’s end date (July 31st) ?

Organizations under Step Up will not be able to post free jobs or use free services after the end date. However, services initiated before the end date will be supported until closure.

8. What if I don’t use all free services by the initiative’s end date?

Free services which are not utilized by the organization cannot be carried forward after the end date and will be deactivated.

9. If I am an existing customer already having a job posting package, can I post a paid job?

Yes. All regular paid services will continue as is.

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